LECWall - Precast Concrete Wall and Column Design Program

This software has become a standard in the industry for concrete sandwich wall panel design.

Complete handling analysis with two or four point pick and user specified form and impact factors.
Partial composite action between wythes, user specified from 0% to 100%.
Hollow-core and double tee wall panels supported.
Multiple openings or notches accomodated at any location.
Multiple horizontal or vertical reveals can be specified (Section properties are calculated at 100 points.)
P-Delta slenderness and temperature effects combined with wind, earth pressure and gravity load analysis under service conditions or at ultimate strength.
Loads can be applied at any point. Up to 10 floors/connections are allowed.
Cracked section analysis
Automatic prestress loss calculations
Will handle wall panels or tied columns with any combination of mild reinforcing and/or prestressing strand.
Easy to use graphical interface with diagrams, graphs and on-line help screens. Graphical printouts
Choice of English or Metric units.
A free trial version is available. Sign and fax or mail back the Evaluation License Agreement and we will send it to you. Note that the trial period expires after 30 days and that the software has to be erased if a license is not purchased. The trial version functions identically to the licensed version.

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